The only trackless messenger for all

Speak freely —
but keep it secret

Secure messaging —
High-Definition voice/video calls

Call Transfer

Transfer mobile call to a browser on PC - Live !


The most private & secure communications app


NO phone number, NO user-id, NO login

You control who you want to interact with
Anonymous relations like in real-life
No unsolicited calls, no harassment, no spam
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NO trace of interactions and exchanges

End-to-end encrypted
Directly from device-to-device (peer-to-peer)
In real-time
With no intermediate distribution servers
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Establish unique relations to interact with contacts or guests

Exchange invitation codes with people you meet
A private profile for each relation
Not transferable, not sharable
Controlled by each end
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Control app, relations and exchanges

Lock the app with biometric authentication
Revoke a relation to stop being reachable
Deleting contents removes it from both ends
Prevent from being called when you don’t want to
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Spaces & Profiles

For each social group
you interact with

Multiple profile
Personalized appearance
Family, friends, bussiness …
Secret Spaces
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The most advanced communications app

Contacts & Conversations

Keep control of your contents on both ends

All media, files and messages of a conversation
Older than a specified period / date
For a conversation, all in a space, or all in the app
Localy-only operations with no effect on the correspondent
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Media Sharing

Stream your media
during a call

Share your music live
Each participant can control the player
Interact on the call simultaneously
Same privacy as in real life
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Call Transfer

Transfer a mobile call
to a browser - live!

Create the call transfer code and profile
Forward the code to a browser and bookmark the url
Open the url with a browser
Call from the browser during an on-going mobile call
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Group calls

Invite contacts to join a voice/video group call

Hd audio/video quality
No trace in cloud
Energy efficiency
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Allow guests to call you
from the web

Create a “click-to-call me” url/QR-code
Publish or distribute by any means
Recipients scan the code and call you
Anonymous with no trace in the cloud
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